5 Fashion Trends to Help You Dress Your Best This Season

Fashion Trends

Whether you’re wearing your work clothes, having a night out with friends, or just going out to the grocery store, it’s important to keep an eye on the trends in fashion. There are some basic pieces that you can wear again and again, and then there are those pieces that you might only wear once before they go out of style. The following 5 fashion trends will help you dress your best this season while also keeping up with what everyone else is wearing.

1) Boots Are The Key Piece

With so many fashion trends out there, it can be hard to know what you're going to wear. Here are a few fashion trends that are perfect for you:

-Fringed boots are the latest trend. From cowboy boots with fringe accents to fringe heels, this winter your footwear will make all the difference in your outfit. Channel your inner cowgirl or cosplayer this season!

-Go bright or go home. If you think fall clothes have a limited color palette, then think again! Pantone has officially named ultra violet as the color of the year and it's time you live up to your full potential by embracing color head-on!

2) Get Rid of One Item Each Month

Every month, get rid of one item that doesn't add value to your wardrobe. You can donate it or sell it, but if you're trying to save money, be creative with what you do with these items. The idea is to help you focus on things that will work for a variety of different occasions and seasons. Plus, the more items you have, the more cluttered your closet gets.

3) Stock Up on Coats in Different Colours

If you live in a cold climate, nothing's better than draping yourself in gorgeous, cozy layers. Check out some of the most popular coat colors below to see what we mean. 

-Belted camel: While warm, the belt that comes with this jacket can cinch your waist for a slimming effect.

-Navy peacoat: Known for its thickness and warmth, this piece is perfect for dressing up an outfit on cooler days. Wear it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers for the trendiest look around! 

-Leopard coat: If you're looking for something fun but don't want to look too childish, this coat provides just enough pattern without going overboard.

4) Clutch Handbags Are The Latest Accessory

Clutch handbags are back and with a vengeance. At first, when these clutch purses were first making an appearance on the fashion scene, people had a hard time getting on board. But as the trend has evolved, we're now seeing different styles of these bags for every occasion—from evening events to work meetings. The good news is that whether you love them or hate them, you can get in on this trend without breaking the bank.

5) Use Colour Coordination to Look Stylish

Colour coordination is one of the oldest tricks in the book for making an outfit look fantastic. First, determine your skin tone. Cool-toned skin (those with pinkish undertones) looks best in cooler shades like burgundy, purple and turquoise; meanwhile, warmer-toned skin (with yellow or peachy undertones) can pull off anything from reds to orange and yellow without worrying about looking washed out. Then take into account the colors you're drawn to and what color palettes you like most. Different color schemes will produce vastly different outcomes on your outfit: pastels are pretty universally flattering while bold colors and darker tones are more statement pieces.

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