A Rep for Chris Pine disputes Spit on "Don't Worry Darling" by Harry Styles "Nothing But Respect Between These Two Men," the Costar

Chris Pine disputes Spit on "Don't Worry Darling" by Harry Styles

And SpitGate is officially over? In response to social media rumors that Harry Styles spit on his Don't Worry, Darling co-star at the Venice Film Festival, Chris Pine's representative issued a statement.

According to a statement given to Us Weekly on Tuesday, September 6, "This is a stupid story — a pure fiction and the consequence of a weird web illusion that is blatantly deceptive and allows for silly speculation." Just to be clear, Chris Pine was not spitting on by Harry Styles. Any idea that there is anything but respect between these two men is a clear attempt to generate drama that simply does not exist.

Don't Stress On Monday, September 5, a video showing Pine's response to Styles, 28, sitting next to him during the screening, caused Darling to make multiple headlines. While some on social media claim to have seen the "Watermelon Sugar" singer spit on the 42-year-old Star Trek actor, others insist Pine was only hunting for his sunglasses (which he inexplicably put on as the lights dimmed for the showing).

In the now-viral video, Pine, who was seated between Olivia Wilde and Styles, chuckled and glanced down when he interrupted the applause.

Not just that video from the Italian tour of the Princess Diaries 2 star went viral. While some fans were fixated on the actor's apparent disinterest at the press conference and dubbed him "Disassociating Pine," others were enamored with his photographs of Florence Pugh on the red carpet.

Pugh decided not to discuss the movie during her brief trip to Venice, even though Pine was present for the press event. The director played down any problems between the actress and Wilde on Monday, despite a source telling Us Weekly that the two had numerous "disagreements emotionally and professionally," which is "why Florence isn't doing any promotion for the movie."

Wilde told reporters at the festival, "Florence is a force, and we are so thrilled that she is able to make it tonight despite being in production on Dune. "I'm grateful to her and to [director of Dune] Denis Villeneuve for supporting us since I know how disruptive it is to lose an actress, even for a day. And we're overjoyed to be able to honor her work tonight. I can't express how grateful I am to have her as our leader enough. She is fantastic in the movie.

"As for all the commotion out there and the never-ending tabloid rumors, the internet feeds itself," she continued. I don't feel the need to give because I believe it is fully fed.

Wilde, who has been romantically associated with Styles since January 2021, has previously refuted claims that Styles and Pugh receive different pay scales. While the former Disney star claimed Shia LaBeouf departed over rehearsal time, she also claimed she sacked him from the film to protect the set.

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