You Probably Shouldn't Buy the Apple Watch Pro, Despite its Attractive Looks

Apple Watch Pro

We've witnessed a flood of fresh information emerge over the past several days regarding Apple's rumored Apple Watch Pro. Along with the iPhone 14 series, the Apple Watch Pro will be formally presented on Wednesday during Apple's "Far out" event.

These latest reports, which also give us our first glimpse of the updated design, demonstrate how seriously Apple is taking the Apple Watch Pro. The Apple Watch Pro isn't for the majority of people, with a few exceptions, it seems.

What we can infer from recent Apple Watch Pro leaks

We get our finest look yet at the new design thanks to earlier today's leak of CAD images of the Apple Watch Pro. These renders appear to have come from Apple's supply chain, and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has confirmed them.

Before viewing the official design on Wednesday, there are a few key things we can learn from these pictures.

The Apple Watch Pro is going to be huge, first and foremost. like, very large. These renders put the larger 47mm casing and 1.99-inch screen—which we already knew would be present—into context. They also demonstrate yet another way in which the Apple Watch Pro will grow.

The Apple Watch Pro looks to have a bulge on the right side that conceals a new Digital Crown and a side button resembling those on the standard Apple Watch device. The button and crown are now raised out from the edge, which has a big impact on the size and appearance of the watch. We'll probably find out more about the rationale behind this design change on Wednesday.

To put things in perspective, the majority of people in the so-called "watch industry" claim that the current Apple Watch Series 7 models are already pushing the size limit. This is especially accurate with the 1.77-inch-screen 45mm model.

Apple, of course, can argue that its devices are smartwatches packed with various health sensors, batteries, cellular technology, and much more to explain their larger form factors. Despite the huge form factor, many Apple Watch owners are prepared to make that trade-off and wear an Apple Watch.

Who ought to get an Apple Watch Pro?

Here, I'm not arguing against the existence of the Apple Watch Pro. These larger, more sport-oriented watches have a market, and Apple ought to take advantage of it.

With its increased size, the new Apple Watch Pro undoubtedly crosses a line for the majority of users. It is obvious that Apple is aiming its products toward a market group that is interested in extreme sports, rugged watches, and those who require extra-long battery life thanks to the larger case, screen, and buttons.

A surprising move by Apple, especially for a mobile product, is that the Apple Watch Pro may put performance before form. The Apple Watch Pro's bigger display and titanium finish are sure to dazzle, but the remainder of the design and its size are blatant signs that function was prioritized over elegantly thin, light, and stylish design.

This will ultimately come down to Apple's marketing, as usual. Will the business specify who should purchase the Apple Watch Pro? Even though most people don't notice much of a difference between the Apple Watch Pro and Apple Watch Series 8, would it try to appeal to a market of consumers who want the "best of the best" Apple Watch?

When choosing a "Pro" version of the iPhone, there are obvious advantages that regular users can benefit from. The displays are state-of-the-art, the camera hardware is vastly improved, and the "luxury" design stays within all realistic bounds. What sort of narrative will Apple use to promote the Apple Watch Pro?

For individuals who frequently require a considerably longer battery life, value the larger, more durable design, and participate in severe sports, the Apple Watch Pro will be a clear victor. This is a tiny market, made even more so by the Apple Watch Pro's anticipated price of at least $1000.

These are the queries and worries I have regarding the meeting on Wednesday. We'll find out more on Wednesday, but I worry that the "Apple Watch Pro" rumors may have given us the wrong impression of what to anticipate from the gadget. How do you feel? Tell us in the comments section.

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