Why I will Never Forgive The Family of The semi-pro Footballer who Raped and Killed My 18-year-old Daughter

After her killer's family acted as though she had done something wrong, a heartbroken mother declared that she would never forgive them.

Megan's mother Sarah declared that she would never forgive her killer.

After her killer's family acted as though she had done something wrong, a heartbroken mother declared that she would never forgive them.

When she gently offered him a place to rest for the night, Joseph Trevor, then 19, savagely raped Megan Newton, age 18, and stabbed her nine times in the back.

Then, as he fled her Newcastle-under-Lyme apartment, he was captured on camera inspecting his bleeding hands.

However, Trevor, who knew Megan from school and was arrested for drug possession just hours before the horrific murder in April 2019, was released from detention.

Sarah Newton, Megan's mother, has recently expressed her inability to forgive Trevor's family, particularly his father, a police officer.

He was exonerated despite working for Staffordshire Police.

Speaking to The Sun Online from her Stoke-On-Trent home, Sarah said how she received a "stony" look in court, making her feel as though she was the one who had "done something wrong."

The police were summoned after Trevor, a drug addict who had used ketamine and maybe cocaine the night Megan was slain, was discovered concealing a bag of white powder down his pants.

The semi-pro football player was then brought to the station, where he underwent a search before being released to continue his night out with friends.

Because Trevor was too afraid to confront his police parents, Megan unknowingly extended a "act of kindness" invitation to have him return to her apartment.

Police discovered Trevor sitting on a bridge after he had killed Megan, raising worries for his safety.

After a neighbor discovered Megan's dismembered remains, he was ultimately taken into custody.

Additionally, Trevor admitted to pals that he had "done something horrible."

Later, it came to light that he had been accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl, earning him the ominous moniker "Rolf Harris" from his schoolmates. However, the case was never prosecuted.

"TOTALLY destroyed me," she said

He was the son of two coppers, but Sarah revealed that he also had a dark side. I recall Megan calling him a weirdo. Only because they shared a love of football did they interact.

"His classmates always perceived him as a little odd. He was known as Rolf Harris.

He would joke around and laugh one second, then lose his cool.

Megan has a kind heart despite being street-savvy.

She wanted to assist those in need because she understood that life wasn't always easy. And he profited from that.

"I try not to think about him and I never mention his name."

Sarah, who most recently made an appearance in the Sky Crime program What the Killer Did Next, described her wrath at Trevor's admission of guilt.

She claimed that as he was being escorted downstairs to the cells, he mouthed "sorry," acting as though he had just dropped her or accidentally knocked the distraught mother.

Added the mother: "I'd never felt so furious in my entire life. I wanted to leap over to him.

"It gave me the willies. It ruined me totally.

After admitting to the murder and two charges of rape, Trevor was given a sentence of 21 years and 65 days in February 2020.

By the time the killer turns 40, he might be back on the streets.

When he becomes eligible for parole, at age 40, Sarah stated, "I don't think he will ever change.

"Letting him out wouldn't be safe because he might flip again.

"His decision to kill Megan was not influenced by alcohol or drugs. It was a characteristic of his nature; there was wickedness in him.

In 2020, Trevor received a life sentence. Source: PA

Chilling CCTV captures the teenager standing behind Megan before she is killed in her Stoke apartment. Credit: Collect

Later, Trevor was observed with bloody hands. Credit: Collect

Megan was killed while she was only 18 years old. Credit: Collect

The adolescent desired to work as a physiotherapist or sports therapist. Refer to caption for credit

Her mother spoke of how hurt she was. Credit: BPM Media

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