You Will Be Shocked When You Watch Celebrities Take off Their Makeup

1. Fearne Cotton (£2.9 million - 39 years old)

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton understands the value of embracing one's appearance because she has been in the spotlight since her teenage years. She has a history of posting images with her face bare in an effort to inspire others to embrace their flaws. However, we must admit that none genuinely exists with her beautiful complexion.

The former presenter of Top of the Pops rarely dresses up these days. In actuality, she was occupied with producing books and being productive. Early in 2021, she released two books: Speak Your Truth: The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller and My Mood Journal.

2. Scarlett Moffatt (30 years old - £1 Million)

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt, a star of Gogglebox, struggles with insecurity despite her beauty. The gap between her teeth had tormented her for a very long time. She was bullied for it as well. Given that, we shouldn't be shocked that she smirks more often than she smiles broadly.

But everything has changed. She joyfully revealed to her fans in 2021 that she had finally resolved her dental issues. I'm A Celebrity... Take Me Away From Here! Finally, the victor can grin ear to ear without concern. When she presents the ITV program Love Bites, which debuted in 2020, be on the lookout for her increased confidence.

3. Zoe Ball (50 years old - Unknown)

Zoe Ball is the exact opposite.

Ageism is a common dread, but BBC Radio 2 anchor Zoe Ball is the exact opposite. It's understandable why she feels more at ease in her skin now that she's in her 50s. The Strictly Come Dancing host is nonetheless gorgeous in her natural condition, despite the fact that she claims she doesn't care as much about her appearance.

Better yet, Ball has committed to being active and started cycling. She launched the #LadyGarden2021Challenge in 2021, which aimed to promote a variety of physical activities while raising money and awareness for cancer.

4. Susanna Reid (50 years old – £7.2million)

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid faces constant criticism from the public because she hosts Good Morning Britain. She even disclosed that she was once the victim of internet bullies because of her association with Piers Morgan. She continues to host the show in 2021, braver and more self-assured than before.

Trolls, sadly, are unable to criticize Reid for her appearance, not even with this seldom bare-faced selfie. She has an excellent skincare regimen, which contributes to her amazing 50s appearance. Of course, her regular spray tans are to blame for her bronze glow in this picture.

5. Ruth Langsford (61 years old – £3.6 Million)

Ruth Langsford

We've seen Ruth Langsford in a variety of looks since she's been hosting Loose Women for more than 20 years. Even her hubby has given her a humorous makeover. However, you've probably never seen her quite like this. She certainly doesn't resemble the "evil stepmother," as she jokingly refers to herself at times.

We're not surprised to see that Langsford has a sizable following given her youthful appearance. They contributed to the success of her clothing line with QVC. Because of how well the other products sold, her line even got to introduce additional products in 2021.

6. Emma Willis (45 years old – £5.7 Million)

Emma Willis

Even when Emma Willis is completely dressed and glammed up, she still receives some negative feedback from Big Brother viewers. She was once made fun of for resembling Edward Scissorhands. However, when they see this candid photo of her looking effortlessly stunning even without the help of her makeup artist, they'll have to retract their statements.

Willis, who began her career as a model, obviously takes care of herself. She periodically divulges to her fans her beauty secrets, including how much she adores Patchology eye patches. After anchoring the reality TV show during its initial 2019 run on Channel 4, Willis will resume her hosting responsibilities with The Celebrity Circle in 2021.

7. Holly Willoughby (40 years old – £10 Million)

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is right to mock this granny mug because she doesn't even resemble a grandmother. Given the amount of stress she's likely experiencing in 2021 as she fights a court battle against her old agency, her flawless complexion is quite an achievement. According to what we've heard, there's £10 million worth of money on the line.

Her rigorous beautification regimen is partly responsible for her enduring attractiveness. Naturally, we assume that the love and support of her husband Dan Baldwin, and their three kids play a significant role in keeping the This Morning host grounded and upbeat.

8. Alexa Chung (37years old – £8.6 Million)

Alexa Chung

When it comes to her face, Alexa Chung is renowned for keeping things straightforward. She prioritizes simple beauty products like mascara and concealer. If we had skin that was free of blemishes like hers, we would be, too. She definitely doesn't need much assistance to accentuate her innate beauty, as evidenced by this bare-faced selfie.

In addition, wasting hours applying products would prevent you from doing what you do best, which is designing garments. She once more worked with the Barbour company to introduce an outerwear line in 2021. This time, the outfit is equestrian-inspired and resembles what the royal family would wear to Balmoral.

9. Denise Van Outen (46years old – £3 Million)

Denise Van Outen

For a woman in her 40s, spotting a wrinkle here and is rather typical. However, Denise Van Outen doesn't appear to experience this issue. The former Strictly Come Dancing star has kept her skin taut, much like she did with her lean physique, as evidenced by this unusual bare-faced photo.

Perhaps once she joins the cast of The Celebrity Circle in 2021, we'll get to see more of her natural beauty. She seems to have changed her mind about the reality game show despite her initial skepticism. After all, the goal of the series is to generate money for a good cause.

10. Katie Price (42years old – £770,000)

Katie Price

Katie Price, who is now in her forties, is aware that caked-on cosmetics make her look older. Her belief that little is more seems to have started much earlier, based on this elusive picture. The picture captures her natural features, making her almost unrecognizably different from how she appears right now.

However, we can understand if she doesn't have the time to get ready these days. Price, a former glamor model who rose to fame on reality television, shattered both of her feet in 2020 after a terrible 25-foot fall. Additionally, she was busy filming for the BBC documentary Harvey and Me, which starred her and her son with a disability.

11. Lucy Watson (30years old – £2.9 Million)

Lucy Watson

We must admit that Lucy Watson, shockingly, doesn't seem all that different whether she is flaunting her natural looks or all dolled up. It's a shame that during her time on Made in Chelsea, we didn't get to see her as often.

The situation today is different, though. She gained an online following on Instagram after leveraging her celebrity from reality TV, where she occasionally posts photographs with her face exposed. When she marries James Dunmore in the summer of 2021, she might choose a subtle appearance that is comparable to this one.

12. Charlotte Crosby (30years old – £715,000)

Charlotte Crosby

Geordie Shore Charlotte Crosby has frequently faced comments about how she looks. She once related how, despite being dressed to the nines, comments were made to the effect that she appeared to be a man in drag. This flawless barefaced image of the Celebrity Big Brother winner disproves those detractors.

Unfortunately, because of these offensive comments, Crosby is now reluctant to even share her own wedding images for fear of the criticism she might receive. Her participation in The Celebrity Circle in 2021 ought to give her more courage to open up about her life online.

13. Sam Faiers (30years old – £6.5 Million)

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers used to be afraid to leave the house or to be seen without makeup or filters. The struggle she had in 2017 was brought on by a case of cystic acne. So you can imagine how surprised we were to see her bare face in this selfie. Now that her skin is looking better than ever, all of her problems are a thing of the past.

The Only Method The Essex star claimed that collagen was vital in controlling her flare-up. She introduced Revive Collagen in 2020 to use the key ingredient to assist others in treating their own skin problems.

14. Lauren Pope (38years old – £5.8 Million)

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope, a former cast member of The Only Way Is Essex, gave birth to her first child in 2020. We therefore are not shocked to see her dressed more casually for comfort in this picture taken just a few months later on a rare outing. And we must admit, she looks impressively revived even without the use of cosmetics.

She may not be aiming for a more natural appearance solely due to her newborn, though. She hasn't made an appearance on television since 2018, and it seems that she is now more concerned with her family and her London hair salon.

15. Binky Felstead (30years old – £1.4 million)

Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead, a star of Made in Chelsea, will turn 30 in 2020, but this lovely photo seems to suggest otherwise. She might be one of those people whose inner beauty intensifies as they become mothers. Given that she is expecting her second kid, she will only continue to look young for longer, as she disclosed in the same year.

To care for her firstborn India, Felstead departed from the reality TV program that had made her famous in 2017. She and her fiancé Max Fredrik Darnton are now expecting a child. She had a miscarriage months before receiving this fantastic news.

16. Kate Moss (47years old – £50 Million)

Kate Moss

A good model must look this fantastic even when their face is entirely bare. Apart from genetic luck, Kate Moss's ageless skin can be attributed in large part to her devout use of sunscreen, a practice that has been shown to lessen the sun's UV radiation's aging effects.

And although everyone else is currently fixated on K-Beauty, she decided to focus on J-Beauty. She is Decorté's spokesperson and face. In addition, Moss has been working hard to have her daughter Lila Grace noticed by modeling agencies. In 2021, the couple strutted down the runway for Fendi fashion.

17. Camilla Thurlow (31years old – Unknown)

Camilla Thurlow

As a former beauty pageant champion, it stands to reason that Camilla Thurlow, star of Love Island, has a lot of natural beauty hidden beneath all the makeup she frequently dons. Our assumptions are confirmed by this once-in-a-blue-moon au naturel selfie.

And as she begins her family with fellow reality TV star Jamie Jewitt, we bet we'll see her in more casually cool ensembles. After three years of dating, the couple gave birth to a daughter in early 2021. We might have to wait a bit before seeing Thurlow on our TV screens due to her new responsibilities as a mother.

18. Chloe Sims (38years old – £1 Million)

Chloe Sims

The women of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) are renowned for their glam appearance if there is one thing. This also applies to Chloe Sims. It's unexpected to see her face exposed like that for once. She appears to be popular with her admirers because of this. Is it fair to blame them? She does appear younger and more rested when she is being herself.

However, Sims claims that she views makeup as her passion and a chance to express her creativity, therefore she won't be taking many selfies of this nature. When she returns for a second stint on TOWIE, which had its 26th season end in 2020, perhaps we'll see her experimenting with her appearance more.

19. Gemma Collins (40years old – £2.8 Million)

Gemma Collins

Rapid weight reduction might have a negative impact on one's appearance. Gemma Collins, a star of The Only Way Is Essex, is one of the fortunate people that drops 42 pounds extremely successfully. Collins is flawless in this bare-faced selfie, looking better than ever.

There is clearly more to her than meets the eye. She has her sights set on growing her empire after scoring her own solo show, Diva Forever. After undergoing a comparable procedure, she is apparently launching a fat-dissolving injectable business in 2021.

20. Holly Hagan (28years old – £1.1 Million)

Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan, a star of Geordie Shore, has been candid about the drawbacks of the cosmetic surgery treatments she has had over the years. It's clear from this uncommon bare-faced snapshot of her that she looks flawless, so it's not the physical outcomes that she was dissatisfied with. She claimed that she had concerns with the way her body image deteriorated subsequently.

Fortunately, Hagan now appears to be a lot more at ease with herself. That, we assume, is what finding the proper person entails. She and professional athlete Jacob Blyth are engaged, and they intend to marry in the summer of 2021.

21. Helen Mirren (75years old – £35.9 Million)

Helen Mirren

Since the 1960s, Dame Helen Mirren has been enthralling audiences, and during that period she has rocked a range of looks. However, this selfie without makeup paints her in a very different way. The photo, which was taken after she attended the 2018 Oscars, shows her looking surprisingly decent for her advanced age.

Selfies taken after award shows might become increasingly common in the future. The star of Queen is still quite busy. Early in 2021, she agreed to participate as an actor in the film White Bird: A Wonder Story. Actress Gillian Anderson from The X-Files and director Marc Foster are also contributing to the project.

22. Kellie Bright (44years old – £700,000 - £3.6 Million)

Kellie Bright

It's a difficult act to manage to raise two boys and a demanding shooting schedule for the soap drama EastEnders. However, it appears that Kellie Bright is doing well. This selfie of her from before she became Linda Carter demonstrates that. It's difficult to imagine she's been worrying about her several obligations given how rested she appears.

Her determination to keep her appearance without the use of filters or fillers, though, is remarkable. Bright said she doesn't use Botox and just gets massages from places like Sarah Cook Holistics.

23. Amal Clooney (43years old – £36 Million)

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney always has a stunning appearance, whether she is shopping or on the red carpet. She was born in Lebanon in 1978, and by 2002, she had graduated from law school in New York. Since giving birth to her and George Clooney's twins in 2017, she is now a mother of two.

The WhoWhatWear website states that she always makes sure to moisturize even if she is not the one to offer skincare advice. To be fair, whatever she has been doing has been really successful for her because, despite being in her 40s, she hardly appears that old!

24. Frankie Bridge (32years old – £9 Million)

Frankie Bridge

You would never know from looking at this selfie of Frankie Bridge that she was caring for two children while working five days a week for Loose Women. She still seems refreshed and devoid of the bothersome under-eye bags that many of us experience. What possible beauty trick might a member of The Saturdays have?

To improve her skin and accentuate her natural tan glow, she apparently swears by a technique that includes injecting a combination of vitamins and antioxidants. She mentioned in a 2021 interview that her husband Wayne Bridge supported her during her struggle with psychological problems, which of course helped.

25. Dolly Parton (75years old – £430 Million)

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton never allows us to see her without makeup or a wig, and even in this black and white photo, she still has some on. We'll overlook it though because the 75-year-old has amassed a fortune of about £435 million as a result of acting in her current manner since the 1960s.

She constantly makes sure to cleanse her face after waking up, which, according to Into the Gloss, is the reason why she looks so nice in the morning. She enjoys experimenting with different self-care techniques, but she still swears by Vaseline for moisturizing. Naturally, her numerous Botox injections have also been beneficial.

26. Nicole Kidman (53years old – £181 Million)

Nicole Kidman

She should have more wrinkles than she has considering that she has been performing professionally since the 1980s. Nicole Kidman, though, has practically reversed aging rather than just defying it. She is currently 53 years old, but Byrdie claims that because of her preference for Neutrogena products, she seems to be 30 years younger.

Nicole always makes sure to use sunscreen and take vitamin C supplements before going outside—two recommendations we should follow as they have worked wonders for Kidman. We're excited to watch her in the brand-new miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers in 2021.

27. Kylie Jenner (23years old – £500 Million)

Kylie Jenner

With her own line of cosmetics, Kylie Jenner amassed significant wealth. So whenever she posts a photo of herself on social media, it comes as a welcome surprise. Even though she now completely differs from how we originally saw her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this once-in-a-blue-moon selfie demonstrates that there is still some of the freckled twin left.

But maybe we'll see her more often in her natural state. Despite her Forbes billionaire issue, Jenner has expanded her beauty empire to include skincare items. She also spends a lot of time traveling the world with her daughter Stormi, who will turn 23 in Turks and Caicos in 2020.

28. Hailey Baldwin (24years old – £14.3 Million)

Hailey Baldwin

This bare-faced selfie by Hailey Baldwin demonstrates her beautiful skin. It's not surprising that her husband Justin Bieber fell head over heels for her when she had skin as flawless and free of blemishes. That must just be the fabled Baldwin genes for you, we suppose.

She doesn't keep her secrets to herself and is getting ready to introduce her own beauty brand. In accordance with a 2021 PageSix article, Baldwin has applied for a number of trademarks relating to her rumoredly impending Rhode skincare line. Her middle name is referenced in the name.

29. Cara Delevingne (28years old – £20 Million)

Cara Delevingne

One of the most laid-back famous people is Cara Delevinge. She once showed up to a movie premiere with a naked face. We suppose you'd do it too if your skin and eyebrows were as flawless as the Paper Towns actors are. Delevingne gets away with only mascara and concealer while appearing in movies and walking the fashion runways.

When she starts filming for the upcoming anthology film Women's Stories, she might wear even less makeup. Early in 2021, specifics of the celebrity-studded production—which also starred Eva Longoria and Catherine Hardwicke—were released.

30. Beyoncé (39years old – £360 Million)


You've probably never seen a close-up paparazzi shot of Beyoncé with her face exposed. Surprisingly, the typically glossy singer pulls off looking even younger when dressed casually. A remarkable achievement has given that she is in charge of her music and fashion empire and raising three young children at the same time.

She made headlines in 2019 for her portrayal of Nala in the photorealistic remake of The Lion King, and now she's making progress with her athleisure apparel brand, Ivy Park. In 2021, her company and Adidas once more worked together to introduce fresh items for the Icy Park line.

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