The Split Between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez May Have Cost Him a Hefty Investment

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Even though Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez split in 2021, he is apparently still dealing with the fallout from their breakup in his business dealings. Due to his apparent inability to cover his financial obligation, the former MLB player's $1.5 billion deal to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves from billionaire Marc Lore may not go through.

According to a New York Post source, "Alex and Marc were meant to be 50/50" for the initial down payment, but "Alex couldn't come up with his half." Currently, Lore holds 13% of the team, compared to Rodriguez's 7% ownership.

It appears that the athlete may have overstated Lopez's level of involvement when he first negotiated this contract. They shared luxurious houses in Bel-Air and the Hamptons, where he reportedly made sure meetings took place. The insider continued, "You always took your A-Rod meeting with J.Lo." She is entering and leaving the room wearing fitness attire. A-Rod always gave the impression that they were doing their investing together.

According to the source, Rodriguez's investment partner may not have done his due diligence on A-financial Rod's stability since he was "totally enthralled by the J. Lo issue." At the end of the year, the pair must make another 20% payment, but Rodriguez must reimburse Lore for the additional 3% that he advanced on his behalf.

Needless to say, this is a sizable sum of money. It appears like Rodriguez will have to assume a secondary role as an investor if he is unable to raise the necessary funds.

It's interesting to observe the effects that his relationship with Lopez had on him both personally and professionally. He's struggling without her even though she went on a long time ago.

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