Kim Kardashian Turns Heads While Relaxing in the Ocean in a Sheer White Bikini

Kim Kardashian displayed her amazing physique while submerged in the water and wearing a skimpy white bikini.

Kim Kardashian displayed her amazing physique while submerged in the water and wearing a skimpy white bikini.

Kim Kardashian in white bikini.

Kim Kardashian in bikini.

Kim Kardashian in beach

The 42-year-old Kim Kardashian uploaded amazing pictures of herself in a swimsuit just when we thought she couldn't get any prettier. Kim published a slideshow of images of herself sitting in the ocean at the beach in a wet, see-through white bikini.

The title for Kim's slideshow was "Life tip- do you." Three images played in a slideshow, each one more seductive than the last. Kim appeared to be lying on the ocean floor in the first image while donning a white spaghetti-strap bikini top with a scoop neckline that showed off a lot of cleavage. The top's bottom half was completely wet, making it transparent. Her beautiful platinum blonde hair hung down in beach waves as she gazed off into the distance.

In the second image, Kim was squatting while donning the totally transparent two-piece. She had her eyes closed and was wiping the hair from her face as she gazed up at the sky. Her flawless abs, petite waist, and naked nipples, which were visible through the translucent top, were all on full display. She paired the see-through, high-rise bottoms with the transparent top for a coordinated look. The final image showed Kim facing the camera without any makeup and with her hair down and parted in the middle.

Just the day before, Kim shared a picture of herself and her children enjoying a beach sunset. Her face was hidden in the picture, but her toned body was visible. She wore a black bikini top with matching low-rise bottoms that had no straps.

Kim is known for her love of bikinis, and in addition to the ones she wore on her vacation, she recently shared pictures of herself wearing a black Skims bikini from the Christmas collection of her clothing line. Kim dressed her outfit in the photographs with identical, ultra-skinny, low-rise trousers that had thin straps on the side and rested high up on her waist. She wore a very small black triangle top with black rhinestones that barely covered up her chest.

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