The Start-to-Finish Guide to Christmas Tree Farming

If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at Christmas tree farming, now’s the perfect time to start.

The trees are trimmed, and the holiday tunes are in full swing! If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at Christmas tree farming, now’s the perfect time to start. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to start Christmas tree farming, and soon you could be bringing joy to families across the country with each fresh-cut tree that’s delivered to their doorsteps!

How to select and prepare your Christmas tree farm

1. Find a location. You'll need a lot of space that's not too far from your house, so you can get to it quickly and easily when harvesting time comes. If the land is already owned by someone else, consider leasing it instead of buying it outright.

2. Purchase the seedlings or saplings for your trees. You can buy them already grown, but you should know that these will cost more than if you purchase the seedlings yourself and grow them in a nursery for two years before planting them out on your farm.

How to plant trees and cultivate the land

Christmas trees can be grown on a farm or in your backyard, but either way, you need some space. You'll need at least two acres of land for a commercial tree farm and about one acre for a home farm. When it's time to plant the trees, the planting pattern will depend on the type of trees you're planting - look online for more information on how many and where to plant them. Once you've planted your trees, water them every day until they start growing. During this time, if it rains too much you might want to cover them with tarps so they don't rot. After about four years, your trees should be ready for harvesting!

How to care for new trees

In the weeks following your planting, you will want to keep the soil moist but not saturated. You should check the soil moisture by sticking your finger in the ground. If it feels like a wet sponge, then there is too much water and you need to wait until it dries out before watering again. Too little water will cause your tree's roots not enough oxygen and they will die. When you do water them, make sure that the whole root ball is soaked and that there are no dry spots on the ground where water could pool.

How Christmas trees are harvested

Christmas trees are harvested in the winter months, typically between late November and late January. The harvesting process can be done by hand or with a machine that is called a tree harvester. This machine strips the needles from the branches of the tree and then inserts a tube into the center of the tree trunk. A piston pump removes all of the water from the inside of it and when this is done, it falls over onto its side where someone will come along with another machine to load it onto a truck for transport to market. At these markets, salespeople will cut pieces off of each end so customers have an easy time loading them into their car trunks or SUVs.

What you should know about selling your product online

Selling your product on an eCommerce site is a great way to earn money from your business. Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay are easy ways for you to list and sell products online with little overhead. You can also use online marketplaces as a platform for creating buzz about your new business idea. To make the most of the internet, try using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to build a following before launching your website or creating an online store. 

#1: You Need To Set Up Your Social Media Pages 

Setting up social media accounts is one of the first steps in building an online presence for any business, but it's especially important if you're just starting out.

How to sell your product online yourself

A big advantage of selling your product online is that you don’t need a storefront. You can sell your product from the comfort of your home and even take international orders. 

1) Plan out all the costs. Depending on how many products you want to sell, this could include things like overhead costs (rent, electricity, Internet connection), packaging materials, and shipping supplies. A ballpark number for these expenses is around $200-$300.

2) Find out what kind of shipping service will work best for you by looking at their minimum order size requirements and prices for different sizes of packages. The more items you have available for sale, the more expensive it will be per package because there are more items to ship.

Things you can do with the extra money made from Christmas trees

Christmas trees are a great way for people of all ages and skill levels to make extra money during the holiday season. If you're interested in starting your own business, or just want some ideas on how you can use the money you make from your trees, here are some options: 

1. Put that cash back into your business by buying more trees and getting them ready for sale.

2. Save it! You'll need savings in order to buy supplies, pay taxes, and cover other start-up costs related to your business.

3. Spend that money on yourself! Give yourself a little reward for all of your hard work over the past months (or years) by treating yourself to something special like a trip or new clothes.

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